Gratitude And Activity

10/23/17 - Beverly Yurkanin of Levittown PA left 41 delightful cards in my newspaper slot today. Beverly is one of many loyal card makers who never ceases to amaze me of her wonderful, professional designs for the kids. Thanks Beverly for helping me complete my Thanksgiving boxes and starting my Christmas shipments. ~~ Anne

10/21/17 - Received 12 cute Christmas cards with a snow bear waving hello, from Arlene Rose of Hilton NY. Thanks Arlene for motivating me to make Christmas cards and for your continued support. ~~ Anne

10/21/17 - Received 24 much needed kids Birthday Cards from Stephanie Nguyen of Lake Forest CA. Each one of the cards is different which helps because they can go right into the box for shipment. Stephanie is wonderful in checking our blog to find out what is needed and makes those cards. Thanks Stephanie for your continued support of SAS4KIDS. ~~ Anne

10/20/17-Rneweceived a great box of cards from Lee Mae Elkins of WA :)  Thank you Lee Mae, I especially like the new "boy" designs! :)  The kids and I have all been sick this last week so I have been trying not to touch any cards :(  I'm hoping we're all well really soon! :)    Janet Kay

10-19-17- We are sorry to share that this page and all its history of wonderful gifts of cards disappeared today. We are so very grateful for all the cards we have received through out the years and will start over expressing our gratitude here. Many of the cards we have received have been acknowledged on our Facebook page here:

10.19.17  Received an adorable package in the mail today - all covered in hearts.  Thank you Stephanie N from CA.  Your cards are so cute.  I appreciate the assortment as well as the envelopes.  You are so sweet to help support the kids in Houston.  ❤jb

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