Gratitude And Activity

2/24/18-Received a wonderful box of cards from repeat donor Lee Mae Elkins of WA :)  Thank you Lee Mae for the beautifully colored images of Easter and Misc. themes! :)  Thank you for your donation for shipping, I'll be sending out boxes before too long! :)  Janet Kay

02/24/18 – Received a box of cards from loyal donor Robin Hayworth of NY yesterday. It’s a variety of cards sure to bring joy. Thank you! Angie
 2/23/18-Received two boxes today, one from Robin Hayworth of NY, and one from Janelle Klapperich of SD :)  Both of these ladies are repeat donors, with great cards! :)  Thank you ladies for sharing your talents with our kids! :)  Janet Kay

2/22/18-Received a box from Brenda Zellner of WI :)  Thank you Brenda for the great Easter cards and your donation for shipping! :)   These cards are cute and fun, the kids will love them! :)
Janet Kay

02/21/18 - Came home after being away babysitting my grands and found a package of 20 cards from a new card maker Shelley E of San Mateo CA. The cards included Easter, Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Thank you Shelley and we look forward to receiving more of your lovely creations. ~~ Anne

2/20/18-Received two boxes of cards, one from Donna Wakefield of IN and one from Diane Herniman of Canada! :)  Thank you ladies for these special cards, lots of fun! :)  Janet Kay

2.20.18  Repeat donor Ruby H. of MN.sent in the cutest birthday cards.  They are all fun with lots of animals, but her monkeys are the best.  So adorable - I know the kids will just love them and feel so special when they get them.  Thank you Ruby!  Hugs, jb

2.17.18  Rec'd a package of super cute cards from Kate D. of NJ today.  Such a wonderful variety of well-made cards.  They are all kid-friendly and will be sure to bring huge smiles to many a kid.  Thank you, Kate, for thinking of the kids in Texas.  I appreciate your including envelopes as well.  You are a doll.  Hugs, jb

2.14.18  Opened two boxes of cards today, one from repeat donor Barbara S. of CO. and one from a new donor to me, Rita M. of IA.  Barbara had asked me what I needed and sent exactly what I had asked for.  Thank you so much, Barbara, as these are a great start on my March boxes.  You are a life-saver.  And Rita's Easter cards are so cute! She sent multiples of each design which works for me as I have so many different places I send.  Thank you Rita, for spreading so many smiles across the miles!  Your cards are professionally made and so cheerful.  They were a joy to look through.  Hugs to all - jb

02/13/18 - Received a box of 48 cards on my door step today from a loyal card maker, Beverly Y of Levittown PA. She made the cutest PEEP cards and my favorite which made me laugh out loud (so you know the kids are going to love them) was a bunny in a garden full of flowers nose first (so his cottontail was showing) with a sentiment "Shake Your Cotton Tail". Beverly used glitter on the bunnies cottontails. Thanks so much Beverly for your faithfulness. ~~ Anne

02/13/18 - Received a box of 98 cards from Penny W of Arlington TX. The cards included mostly encouragement and no sentiments (can be used for any occasion). I especially loved the cards Penny made with the book marks. Thanks Penny. ~~ Anne

02/13/18 - Received a package of encouraging Valentine cards on Saturday from Kappa Phi Kappa at OSU. Thank you for thinking of the kids. I will be holding onto these until next year as I have already sent boxes to the hospitals. ~~ Anne

02/13/18 – Received 2 boxes yesterday from very loyal donors. Pam Moore of TX sent 74 wonderful cards along with a generous donation. She makes the most professional looking cards with great attention to detail. Mary Payne of FL sent 80 adorable cards in a wide variety. She also makes very detailed layered cards. We so appreciate your support! Angie

2/12/18-Received a box of Easter cards from Rita Merta of IA :)  Thank you Rita for these great holiday cards! :)   Janet Kay

02/10/18 – Received a package of cards from our very loyal donor Penny Wierzbicki in TX. Thank you for your efforts to brighten the day of our kids. Angie

 2.9.18  Got a nice assortment of cards from repeat donor Penny W. in Texas today.  Penny uses the most interesting techniques on her cards.  Her backgrounds are works of art unto themselves.  And this time, Penny incorporated hand made bookmarks into her cards.  Two for the price of one sorta thing.  Thank you, Penny, for the awesome cards that I know the kids will adore.  Hugs, jb

2.8.18  Thank you to repeat donor Ruby. H of MN. for the cute Easter cards she sent.  I love Ruby's choice of colors in her cards as they are so Easter and Spring like.  You are so sweet for sending cards to Texas kids, Ruby.  Hugs.  jb

02/08/18 – A few comments from Children’s of Alabama –
Thank you so much for all of the time, effort, and love put into each card created by Send a Smile 4 Kids. Here at Children's of Alabama's Inpatient Rehab program, we use the cards to signify a birthday or end of a long, healthcare journey. These cards are filled with love and praise from physicians, nurses, therapists, and child life specialists to remind patients of their hard work and milestones during their hospital admission. Each card brings a smile to the patient and family's face. Thank you for helping us recognize them in our own special way. - Rehab Child Life Specialist
There is always just the right card for what I am needing! Many thanks to the ones that make them! - One Day Surgery Child Life Specialist
The cards are great for my students. I often send cards to their homes to let them know I'm thinking about them. - Hospital School Teacher.

2/7/18-Received two packages, one from Kathy Jaken of IL and one from Ruby Haugen of MN :)
Thank you for your cards ladies, I haven't gone through them yet as I'm under the weather this week.  Thank you for continuing to support our kids! :)   Janet Kay

2/6/18-Received two packages, one from Roberta Giefer of TX, and one from Melissa Jackson of MO :)  Thank you Roberta for the wonderful St. Patrick's Day cards, lots of fun! :)  Thank you Melissa for your great cards made with lots of Stampin' Up! products! :)  Next time, please send your email for a personal thank you :)   Janet Kay

2.6.18  Repeat donor Roberta G. of Texas gave me a box of the cutest kid's cards when I met her this weekend.  Roberta has a great knack for matching papers and stamps and designs to produce amazing, professional cards.  Thank you, Roberta, for these awesome cards.  Hugs, jb

2.6.18  Thank you Crystal L. of Yorktown, Texas for the adorable cards.  Crystal uses very bright colors and fun designs with tiny matching images on her liners.  The kids are going to get such a big kick out of these.  You are so sweet to share these awesome cards with all these kids.  Thank you!  jb

2/6/18  Thank you so much to Robin H. from New York, NY who sent 50 fabulous cards! They are all so beautiful that I want to keep them! (But I won’t! I promise!!) Also, thanks for the donation for postage! 

Also, Thanks goes out to Crystal L. from Yorktown, TX as she sent in 10 darling cards! I think I want to keep these too!! Just kidding!

And, a huge thank you to Deb W. from Northville, MI who sent me 70 beautifully made cards for the kids! They are all so pretty!

Here is a new one for me! I got 6 beautiful cards and gold envelopes from Anina S. from Austrailia! That is the furthest place I have ever gotten cards from! Thank you!! Your cards made me smile!

Another Thank You goes out to Lenora S. from Springfield, MO who so kindly sent 30 cards for the kids!! The cards are adorable!! Lenora sends out lots of cards to several volunteers and we all appreciate them because they are wonderful!

Thank you so much to Rene P. from Loveland, CO for the 34 wonderful cards sent for the kids! All of the cards are so sweet and adorable! And thank you for sending cards to me and other volunteers as well! Your cards are greatly appreciated!!  ~~ Cyndi

2/2/18-Received a great box from Lillian Abrams of MI. Lillian had a friend helping out with the coloring of her cards.  Thank you to  Beth McShan for helping out :)  Lillian sent Christmas, Winter, misc. cards and some extra craft goodies, flowers and ribbon :)  Thank you Lillian for everything, if I can't use it I'll find someone who will ! :)   Janet Kay

2.2.18  Thank you, Rene P. of CO, for the awesome cards you sent my way.  Rene's cards are so professionally made - I love each and every one.  She has used card folds I have not seen before but will be copying.  ;-)  These are totally kid friendly cards with adorable animals and cheerful colors in a variety of themes.  Thank you, Rene for sharing your time and talents with the kids in Texas.  Hugs.  jb

02/01/18 – Mailed a box of 168 cards to Children’s of Alabama. Special thanks to all who made this possible! Angie

2/1/18-SHIPPED-Four boxes of cards sent out today with Valentines and other misc. cards, one to each hospital :)  That's over 500 cards, thanks to all of you, our donors! :)  Thank you for putting smiles on the faces of our kids! :)  Janet Kay

2/1/18-Received from Judy Retz of IN and package with St. Patrick's Day cards :)  It may not be a big deal everywhere, but here in the Chicago area it's cause for celebration! :)  Thank you Judy, I don't know how big it is in IN, but it's wonderful for you to think of our kids out here! :)  Also thank you for your generous donation! :)   Janet Kay

2.1.18  Repeat donor Lenora S. was kind enough to send me a package of various themed cards.  I love Lenora's cards because they are so adorable and kid friendly.  She uses a variety of different card folds that always motivate me to branch out in my own card making endeavors.  So, thank you, Lenora, for the cards as well as the inspiration to me.  I also received a box of cards from someone who did not include a name or an email address.  I am so sorry she didn't as her cards are fantastic and I would love to give her a personal shout-out.  She lives in SC, so if this is you - please know how great your cards are and how much I appreciate your sharing with the Texas kids.  If you do send more cards my way, please let me know who you are.  Hugs to you both - jb

01/31/18 - Just went to the mailbox and received 10 more Valentine's from a faithful card maker Patricia Hays who lives in Verona VA. Cupids and hearts and wreaths were a great assortment to put in the boxes for final shipment tomorrow. Thanks Patricia for all you do for SAS4KIDS. ~~ Anne

01/31/18 - The second box of cards I received today was from Sybilla Greiner of Gilbertsville PA. Sybilla sent 54 Valentine's cards which went right into the boxes I am packing to ship off to the hospitals tomorrow. It's funny the two shipments I received today are from sisters who I know I can depend on when my heart starts racing that I won't meet my numbers. Thanks Sybilla. ~~ Anne

01/31/18 - Received a box of 100 cards from one of my faithful card makers Eileen Koffroth of Pennsburg PA. Most of the cards were Valentine's which helped meet my quota of cards shipped to the hospitals. Thanks Eileen for your dedication. ~~ Anne

1/31/18-Received an awesome box of 32 cards from Diane Herniman of Canada :)  Thank you Diane and please thank your daughter, Dawn for helping out! :)  Diane sends cards with something on every surface, pictures, puzzles, riddles, and/or coloring pages, perfect for our kids! :)   Janet Kay  

01/31/18 – Received a box of 34 really nice cards from Rene Price in CO as well as a packaged of 24 super cute cards from Sherrie Thornton in AL. Both make very nice layered cards with that extra step that shows the love put into them. Thanks for thinking of the kids at Alabama’s. Angie
1.30.18  Thank you, Martha B. of CA, for the adorable cards you sent.  If I am correct, she used the new Panda stamp from Stampin' Up.  The cards are so cute and one of the things I especially liked was that she used greys, yellows and turquoise colors on some of her love and Valentine's Day cards.  Sounds unusual, but they worked.  They are super.  Thank you, Martha, for thinking of the kids in Texas and sharing these smiles with them.  Hugs, jb

01/30/18 -I received a box of 33 cards yesterday from Rene Price of Loveland CO. This box was an assortment of birthday, encouragement and Valentine's cards which I am sorting through and getting ready to ship to the hospitals. Thank you Rene for your time and thinking of the kids. I don't have an email address to thank you personally. ~~ Anne

01/30/18 - Nancy Rigoglioso who lives in San Diego CA sent 18 Valentine's cards which kept me smiling as I sorted through them and are still making me smile while packing them up for the kids. She made the cutest Maze Cards which I know the children are going to love. Thank you so much Nancy for your faithfulness and also for your financial donation which helps out so much with shipping. ~~ Anne

01/30/18 - I received a box of 45 cards from Lenora Scott who lives in Springfield MO and is a dedicated card maker for SAS4KIDS. All of her images and designs are so adorable. Thank you Lenora for your time and continued support. ~~ Anne

1/29/18-I also received a small package of 5 Valentine's from Holly Blaskie of MI :)  Thank you Holly for sending these extra cards, so cute! :)  Janet Kay

1/29/18-Received two boxes of cards today, one from Rene Price of Co and another from Celeste Goff of MO :)  I couldn't find an email address for Rene or Celeste :(  Both sent beautiful Valentine's and Rene sent mixed cards as well :)  Thank you ladies for sending cards for our kids in the hospital, they will love these cards! :)   Janet Kay

1.29.18  Received not one but two boxes in the mail today, one from Angie M. - one of our volunteers - and one from a new donor to me, Jane L. of MN.  Both sent the cutest cards, all Valentine's Day, which arrived just in time for my last box.  Thank you, ladies, for helping me send so many smiles to so many kids.  All of these cards are just adorable.  Hugs, jb

1/27/18-Received a huge box of 216 cards from Geri Dean of MN :)  Geri says they had a blizzard up there in MN so she had time to make lots of cards! Thank you Geri for this great box of mixed cards, which included Valentines and some Easter! :) Also thank you for your generous donation, I have lots of boxes to ship and this will be a great help! :)    Janet Kay

1.27.18  Connie M. of my home state of Texas sent an envelop of such adorable cards.  Connie's cards always bring such a big smile to my face - I know the kids who receive them must feel the same way.  Her images are precious and all of her cards are extremely kid-friendly.  Thank you, Connie, for your help in spreading cheer to our kids.  Hugs, jb

1.27.18  Thank you to Janet B, one of our volunteers, who bailed me out yet again.  She sent a large box of cards for my hospitals.  Janet, I would be drowning without your help.  Thank you for being there for the kids in Texas!  Huge hugs.  jb

01/27/18 – Received a box of 91 cute cards from Debi Bird in NC. Also received a box of 30 sweet cards from Teresa Horton in NY. Thank you both for thinking of our kids! Angie
1/25/18-Received some cards from Tina Turner of IL :)  Tina sent a mixed bunch of cards sure to bring smiles to small faces :)  Thank you Tina for sharing with our kids! :)   Janet Kay

 01/25/18 - Elaine Thomas of Phoenix AZ sent in an assortment of cards, which included Birthday, Thank Yous and much needed Valentine's. Thanks so much Elaine for your continued support of our kids.~~ Anne

01/25/18 - Thank you to Linda Weed who lives in Des Moines Iowa for your 8 Valentine's cards. The kids will love them. Thanks for thinking of SAS4KIDS and for your time. ~~ Anne

1/23/18-Received a package and a small box from Cindee Naugle of PA, and Sandy Borsheim of MN :)  Thank you ladies for your mixed cards, sure to brings smiles to the faces of our kids :)  Also thank you Sandy for your generous donation for shipping and supplies! :)   Janet Kay

 1.23.18  My, but Barbara S. of CO has been busy.  She also sent me a very large box stuffed with the most adorable cards!  There were Valentine's Day, Thank You, Birthday - everything I need right now.  Barbara's designs are unique and so cute/ kid-friendly.  Quite a few of them are animals and Sesame Street characters.  You KNOW those will go over big with the kids.  Thank you Barbara, for sharing your time and talents with the Texas kids.  A big hug - jb

01/23/18 – Received a box of 151 cards from Barbara Suits of CO. Included were a great many birthdays as well as Valentine’s, Easter and general. These are such adorable cards! The kids will love them. Thanks so much!  Angie

1/22/18-Received 2 packages of cards:)  One from Holly Blaskie of MI with 11 cards, and another from Alissa McKinney of IN with 16 cards :)  Thank you ladies for the Valentines, Hello and other misc cards! :)   Janet Kay

1/22/18-Received a big box from Barbara Suits of CO :)  Barbara's cards are wonderful, shaped cards, and I see she has been busy sending to other volunteers as well!  Thank you Barbara for the unique cards! :)   Janet Kay
1.22.18  Thank you, Dr. Robin H. of NY, for this box of wonderful cards.  Robin sent in a large assortment of kid-friendly cards, everything from Love to Thank You to General.  Her attention to detail is awesome, with each card so unique.  Thank you Robin, for the cards, for the nice donation toward shipping and for including envelopes with each card.  I couldn't do this without help from card makers like you!  Hugs, jb

01/21/18 - Barbara Suits who lives in Aurora CO sent a large priority box full of cards, which I received yesterday. I have only had the opportunity to skim through them but I see all kinds of holidays included and I know the kids are going to love these cute and adorable cards. ~~ Anne

01/21/18 - Yesterday I received 10 lovely Valentine's from Martha Bricker who lives in Livermore CA. Thank you Martha for your attention to detail and the quality of your supplies. The kids are going to love them. ~~ Anne

1/19/18-Received two packages today :)  One from Ruby Haugen of MN, and one from Kay Childs also of MN :)  Both ladies sent in cards for St. Patrick's day, some Encouraging cards and Valentines :)  Thank you ladies for your cards, sure to bring smiles to our kids :)   Janet Kay

1-18-18-Received today 2 packages of cards :)  Fourteen cards from Trish Cudney of MN, and 9 cards from Tammy Gullett of IA :)  Thank you ladies for your Valentines and boy cards, I'm happy to share these smiles with our kids! :)   Janet Kay

1-18-18-Received on 1-16-18 three packages and two boxes!  Apparently some of my mail was misdirected, so I'm not sure which day they were actually supposed to be here :(  I'd like to thank Janelle Klapperich of SD, Kathy Jaken of IL, Andrea La Vigne of TX, Robin Hayworth of NY, and Vicki Luebke of IN! :)  Some of these are Valentines, and the rest are mixed cards.  Thank you ladies for your cards and donations, your support is greatly appreciated! :)  Janet Kay

01/17/18 – Received a box of 50 cute cards as well as a generous donation from repeat donor Robin Hayworth in NY - a very nice assortment for the kids to choose from. We appreciate your support!! Angie
01/17/18 - Thank you to the staff at The OutCast Agency who sent 15 colorful cheery Valentine's for the kids. ~~ Anne

1.16.18  Thank you Y. Chang-Miller of WA for the box of wonderful birthday cards!  Unfortunately, Y. did not give me her full name or an email address, so this will have to do for a "thank you" to her.  I am especially grateful that these are birthday cards as I need this particular theme desperately!  Y.'s cards are beautifully made, each one being unique and very well crafted.  I know the kids receiving these will love each and every one.  Hugs - jb

01/15/18 - Received a box chock full of assorted cards from Claudia in Florida. She covered all bases and they are bright, colorful and she uses the cutest images. Thanks Claudia for your faithfulness.
~~ Anne

01/15/18 - Beverly Yurkanin from Levittown PA dropped off 22 Valentine's Day cards.  Thank you Beverly for the cutest valentine's for the kids. They are sure to be smiling when they see these.         ~~ Anne

01/15/18 - I received the sweetest package from Girl Scout Troop 1222 in Howell NJ, of Valentine's made especially for the kids at the hospital(s) to be the recipient. Kids encouraging other kids really warms my heart. Thank you so much Christy Parekh for working with the girls to send these special Valentine's and thank you girls for using your artistic talents in such a special way. Hugs to all of you. ~~ Anne

1-13-18- Received 34 Valentines from Brenda Zellner of WI :)  Thank you Brenda for the fun smiles for our kids! :)  Janet Kay

1/11/18- Received another box from repeat sender, Lee Mae Elkins of WA :)  Thank you Lee Mae for you box with Valentines, St Pats, and misc. other cards! :)  All your cards are adorable and sure to please all of our kids! :)   Janet Kay

1/8/18-Received a small box of cards from Sandra Borsheim of MN:)  Thank you Sandra for the great Valentine's Day cards.  They are just right for our kids who will enjoy them with big smiles! :)  
Janet Kay

1.8.18 A huge Thank You to Angela of SD, a repeat donor to the kids here in Texas.  Angela makes such unique cards, using techniques and ideas that are often new to me.  I love going through her cards and "borrowing" new ideas.  Angela must have read my "Needs" list on the home page as she sent a lot of Thank You cards and I am totally out of these.  One of my contacts needs 50 TY cards per month so I go through them very quickly.  Thank you, Angela, for helping me with my needs list and for always providing envelopes.  That is such a big help.  Hugs, jb

1/6/18-Received two boxes of Valentine cards :)  Thank you Donna Wakefield of IN and Diane Herniman of Canada! :)  Two boxes of great cards for boys and girls :)  Thank you both for continuing to support our kids with your talents! :)   Janet Kay

1.6.18  A huge thank you to Roberta G. from my home state of Texas for helping me fulfill a special request for graduation cards.  Her designs are fabulous, as all of her cards are, but her attention to detail is more than awesome!  She made individual tassels for each graduation cap!  Too, too amazing.  Thank you, Roberta!  Hugs, jb

01/05/18 - Mailed a box of 98 cards to Children's of Alabama. A big thank you to all of our donors! Angie

1/4/18 - Angie Seyer from Aberdeen SD sent five adorable Valentine's cards. Thanks so much Angie, The kids, staff and family members are going to appreciate the quality of your beautiful cards. ~~Anne

1.4.18  Thank you, Darlene D. from Florida, for the wonderful variety of cards you sent.  Darlene is a repeat sender and her cards are so kid-friendly.  She sent a selection of Valentine's, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Easter and general cards.  I am now officially started on all the upcoming holidays.  Each card is lined with an accompanying envelop.  Thank you so much, Darlene for starting my 2018 collection of cards off so beautifully.  Hugs, jb  

12.29.17  I just got 5 adorable cards from repeat card maker Ruby H. from MN.  Ruby's cards always tickle me - they are so cute.  Each one is different and whimsical and generic "love" rather than specifically Valentine's.  Just perfect for our needs down this way! And of course she included an envelope with each card.  Thank you, Ruby, for being so sweet and continuing to support the kids in Texas.  Hope all of you have a wonderful and safe New Year!  See you in 2018!  Hugs, jb

12/21/17-Received a package of Winter cards from Cindee Naugle of PA :)  Thank you for all of your wonderful snowmen cards! :)  Most of these cards have no sentiments so they can be used for anything! :)   Janet Kay 

12/19/17-Received 18 beautiful cards from Holly Blaskie of MI :)  Thank you Holly for the great cards with images of wildlife out in the snow! :)  Wonderful Winter cards! :)   Janet Kay

12/19/2017-Received 43 adorable last-minute Christmas cards from repeat-donor Jane Lange of MN! Jane's boxes always contain cards for both young and older kids. Thanks so much, Jane, for all you've done for Nationwide Children's these past few years. Merry Christmas! ~~ Sybrina

12/15/17 - Received 27 Christmas Cards from Amanda Stout in Georgetown OH. Unfortunately, I do not have an email address so I would like to thank Amanda for thinking of our kids and taking the time to make these gorgeous cards. I will have to hang onto them for next year because Christmas Cards have already been mailed. Thank you Amanda. ~~ Anne

12/15/17 - Received a box of 32 General Encouragement and Winter cards from Pfizer in Collegeville PA (Business Technology Department). I love all the encouraging words used on the cards. I also want to acknowledge these ladies for their generous financial donation which helps me tremendously with shipping. Thanks so much ladies for thinking of the kids this holiday season ~~ Anne

12.15.17 Just got another box of fabulous cards from Connie M. of McKinney, Tex.  Connie’s cards make me laugh out loud.  Her puns go so well with the images and I just know the kids get a big kick out of her cards.  She also included more of her “box” cards which have to be very time consuming to make.  Her attention to details really make her cards so unique and professional.  Thank you Connie!

I also received cards from Monroeville Teen Leadership Corps in PA.  Each card has a hand written message inside.  That was so thoughtful – thank you for thinking of the kids in Houston.  These will certainly help to cheer their day.  jb
12/14/2017-Received some adorable cards and a cash donation from the Office of Student Life at Leeward Community College. Unfortunately, I do not have an e-mail address. So, I want to send a big shout out and a huge thank you to the college community for thinking of SAS4Kids and the kids at Nationwide Children's this holiday season. Thank you so much! ~~ Sybrina

12/12/17  I have a HUGE Thank you to: Doris R. from MN who sent 16 darling cards; Anne S. from PA who is another of our volunteers who sent 150 beautiful cards; Cynthia C. from TX who sent 60 awesome cards made by high school students; Jeremy S from OH who sent 24 super cute cards and Penny W. from TX who sent 132 fabulous cards!! Wow! These cards are all so wonderful and I am truly grateful for them! They will be delivered to my local children’s hospital tomorrow! Thank you all for making so many cards! Cyndi in Texas

12/11/17-Received two boxes late in the day, one from Diane Herniman of Canada, who sent some Winter cards and cards for teen boys :)  Another box from Debbie Caldwell of MI, who sent Winter, boys, B-Day, Valentines and other misc cards :)  Thank you ladies for your great cards!  Boy cards are the fewest cards I receive, you both did a great job! :)   Janet Kay

12.11.17  Just got a late night delivery from my post woman with a box of cards from Jean B. of PA.  Jean sent a lovely assortment of general cards which I desperately need right now.  Thank you so much for thinking of our kids here in Texas, Jean.  Your cards are so cute and kid friendly.  They are sure to warm many a heart.  Thank you also for the donation.  Postage really adds up and this will help offset that cost.  You are a doll – Happy Holidays!  jb

12/11/17-Received two packages :)  Thank you Angie Seyer of SD for 6 beautiful "anytime" cards, and thank you to Marshe Drain of WA for thinking of our kids as well ! :)   Janet Kay
12/11/2017-Mailed a box jam-packed full of holiday cards -- lots and lots of them -- to Nationwide Children's. Again, huge thanks to all who made cards for the kids here in Central Ohio, and a special thanks to fellow shipper Janet for answering my SOS cry for help. Christmas blessings and a joyous new year to all!  ~~ Sybrina

12.11.17  Thank you, Dorothy M. from NY, for the adorable cards I received today.  She did not include a note or email address so I am guessing these were made by her early development students.  These are definitely targeted for a young child and I know they will bring a big smile to many a face.  Also, thank you, Angie S. from SD for the cards you sent.  Angie is a repeat donor and her variety of general cards are just what I need right now.  Thank you both for donating these wonderful cards and your hard work to the kids in Texas.  Happy Holidays!  jb
12.10.17  Thank you to Jane M. of GA who sent 12 cards for my Houston hospitals.  I especially thank her for the envelopes as she sent in over-sized cards and I do not have envelopes for that size.  Jane sent in Christmas cards as well as birthday cards – I will save the Christmas for next year as I have already filled all my boxes for the holidays and mailed them off.  I do appreciate her sharing her time and talents with SAS4K, because where would we be without our wonderful card makers?  Happy Holidays to one and all!  jb

 12/8/17-Received a nice box of cards from Vicki Luebke of IN :)  Thank you Vicki, love what you did with the Santas and reindeer, the kids are going to love your cards! :)   Janet Kay
12/07/17 - A great big thank you goes to Kimberly Laws of Jackson NJ for her box of 62 assorted cards. Her cards are so unique and chock full of colors and texture. Kim thank you also for your financial donation which helps out with shipping. I appreciate your faithfulness and the kids (especially those at St. Peter's) are going to love them. ~~ Anne

12/07/17 - Thank you to Sue Carlson of Middleton NH who sent 21 Christmas cards for the kids. I am down to the wire and these cards helped fill my boxes to overflowing with Christmas cuteness for the Kids. Thanks Sue for your faithfulness. ~~ Anne

12/7/2017-I have three wonderful people to thank tonight -- two repeat senders and one SAS4Kids volunteer! Repeat senders Martha Bricker Of CA and Sandra Mullineaux of NC sent boxes of winter/holiday cards -- 24 and 53 cards, respectively. And, SAS4Kids Shipper Janet Bailey sent a large box of holiday/winter cards. I was a little concerned about the box I'm sending to Nationwide Children's next week until these three shipments arrived. Martha, Sandra, and Janet: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ~~ Sybrina

12/07/17 - Gingerbread Men, the Peanuts Gang and a few Hanukkah cards were found on my front step today from a repeat card maker Stacy Lazzarro from Zionsville PA. Thanks so much for your cards (30) Stacy and the financial donation as well. The kids are going to love your cute 
cards.  ~~Anne

12.5.17  A very large box was just delivered from Annisa G. in my home state of Texas.  She included a variety of cards as well as MANY kits for card making.  I have friends coming over Thursday who are going to work on cards using these kits.  What fun!  Thank you, Annisa, for thinking of us and sending us a box ‘o fun!  jb
12.5.17  A big thank you to Lenora S. and Ruby H., both repeat donors, who filled up my last box of holiday and winter cards.  I see they both send to other volunteers as well – where do they find the time? Their cards are all so cute and kid-friendly.  Thank you for including envelopes as well.  You gals ROCK!  jb

12/4/17- Received two boxes today, one from Jennifer Reece of MA, thank you Jennifer for the cards and the wonderful bookmarks for the kids! :)  A second box fro Kathy Jaken of IL, thank you Kathy for your thoughtfulness :)   Janet Kay 
12/2/17-Received another box and package :)  One from a new donor, Ann P Williams of TN and another from Andrea La Vigne of TX.  Thank you Ann and Andrea for your great cards, more smiles for our kids! :)  Also a thank you to Andrea's mother, Patricia La Vigne for her donation for shipping! :)  All of these donations are needed and greatly appreciated! :)  I have 5 boxes of cards ready to ship tomorrow! :)   Janet Kay

12/02/17 – Received a box of 50 cute cards as well as a generous donation from loyal donor Robin Hayworth in NY. Thank you for the nice variety the kids will have fun with. Angie

12/1/17-Received a package and a box today :)  I also received a box from Dr. Robin Hayworth of NY as well as a donation for shipping.  Thank you Robin for your wonderful cards and your generous dedication to SAS4Kids! :)  I received a package of cards from a new donor, Judy Retz of IN.  Judy also sent a donation for shipping, thank you Judy for thinking of our kids in hospitals! :)   Janet Kay 

12/01/17 - Received a box of 50 assorted cards from Dr. Robin Hayworth of New York NY. Dr. Robin does a great job with her choice of encouraging words for kids of every age group. Thank you Dr. Robin for your continued support of SAS4KIDS and for your financial support as well.  ~~ Anne

12/01/17 - Corine Lockhart of Merritt Island FL sent 18 beautiful Christmas cards. The shaker cards she made are so professional. Also she took the time and effort to line the inside of each card as well as lining, embellishing and coordinating the envelopes. The kids are going to love these cards. Thanks so much Corine. ~~ Anne

11/30/17 - Mailed a box of 177 to Children's of Alabama. Many thanks to all who made this possible! Angie

11/30/17-Received a box and a package today from Lilian Wiedmaier of AZ and Karen Peterson of NE :)  Thank you ladies for your special cards that will bring smiles to small faces! :)  Janet Kay

11/29/17-Received two boxes this day, one from Donna Wakefield of IN and one from Alyce Hill Brown of CA.  Thank you ladies for your great cards and for thinking of our kids at Christmas! :)    Janet Kay

11/30/2017-Received a wonderful box of cards and a cash donation from repeat donor Dr. Robin Hayworth of NY! Robin included ever-popular thank you cards and some lovely anytime cards that will brighten the spirits of patients at Nationwide Children's. Thank you so much, Robin, for all you do for SAS4Kids.  :)  ~~ Sybrina

11/28/17 - Received a box of 140 Christmas Cards yesterday from Eileen Koffroth who lives in Pennsburg PA. Each card was different with unique images. She also makes lovely tags - large ones that the kids can hang on their doors. Thanks so much Eileen for your faithfulness. ~~ Anne 

11/28/17 – Received a box of 18 beautiful Christmas cards from a donor in Saco, ME. I’d like to send a special thank you to all of the anonymous donors I hear from throughout the year. I appreciate you all! Angie

11/27/17 - On Friday I received a box of  90 cards from Sybilla Greiner of Gilbertsville PA. She always uses the most stunning images on her cards and each one is unique. Thanks Sybilla, the kids are going to S M I L E when they see these Christmas/Holiday cards. ~~ Anne

11/25/17-Received 2 more boxes, just in time for packing! :)  A box from Trish Cudney of MN, and another box from Brenda Zellner of WI :)  Thank you ladies, I have lots of boxes to pack and send smiles to! :)   Janet Kay

11/24/17-Received 3 boxes of great cards from Roz Hawotte of IL, Lillian Abrams of MI and
 Lee Mae Elkins of WA:)  What a nice surprise when I opened my door! :)  Thank you ladies for your Christmas cards that will be packed up this weekend to ship! :)  Thank you as well for your included misc. cards :)  Lots of fun in store for our kids! :)   Janet Kay 

11/22/2017-Received a box of 9 adorable holiday/winter cards and a cash donation from repeat sender Sherry Hickey of VA! Thanks so much, Sherry, for your loyal support of SAS4Kids and Nationwide Children's. I know the kids are going to love these fun cards.  :)  ~~ Sybrina

11/22/17 - WOW! I feel like it is Christmas today. Another box on my doorstep was from Patricia Hays of Verona VA. She sent 50 beautifully made cards which included Holiday, Birthday, Thank You, Winter and Encouragement cards. She packed her box with folded cartoons from the newspaper which I will include in my Christmas shipments to the hospitals. Thanks for the wonderful idea Patricia and I appreciate your faithfulness. Also thank you so much for your financial contribution which is so helpful with shipping. ~~ Anne

11/22/17 - Sixty beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, happy, inspiring, and cute Holiday/Winter cards showed up on my doorstep today. A big thank you goes to Elaine Bailey of Yardley, PA. Thanks Elaine for your faithfulness. ~~ Anne

11/21/17 - Thanks so very much to Barbara Suhaka of Manville NJ and Ruth Bielanski of Hillsborough NJ for the box of 60 Holiday, General and Kid Friendly Birthday (age 10 and under) Cards. They are all so cute and I appreciate the incredible attention to detail. We want our kids to feel special and these cards certainly will. ~~ Anne

11/21/17 - A big Thank You to Nancy Rigoglioso for the 30 adorable Christmas/Holiday cards. The quality of her work shows in each and every card. Thank you also Nancy for your financial contribution which helps with gas/shipping. ~~ Anne

11/20/17-Received a package of Christmas and misc. cards from Tammy Gullett of IA.  Thank you Tammy for these great, fun cards! :)   Janet Kay

11/18/17-Received a small but requested box, of Welcome cards from Roberta Giefer of TX.  Thank you Roberta for filling one of our special requests! :)   Janet Kay

11/16/17-Received 4 boxes of cards!  Alissa McKinny of IN.  Debbie Caldwell of MI, and Paula Kysilka of FL. Also a box from our own Jill Blasche of TX, plus her friends, Ginny and Jan.  Thank you all for your wonderful cards! :)   Janet Kay

11/17/17 - Thank you to Linda Wood of Des Moines IA who sent in 10 adorable Christmas Cards each one unique and different. Thank you Linda for your cards. ~~ Anne

11/17/17  -  Received boxes from two loyal donors. Penny Wierzbicki of TX made 135 cute cards – lots of Christmas and general. Pam Moore of TX made 78 adorable cards and included a generous donation. Thank you both for brightening the lives of the kids at Children’s of Alabama. Angie

 11/17/2017-Received a wonderful box of 20 Christmas and thank you cards from repeat donor Lee Ann Elkins of WA! Lee Ann's cards are always so bright and cheery, and I know those Christmas cards of hers are going to brighten up the holidays for some special little patients. Thanks so much, Lee Ann, for all of your support of SAS4Kids.  :)  ~~ Sybrina

11/16/17 - A huge thank you goes out to Penny Wierzbicki of Arlington TX who sent in a box of 136 cards including a variety of sentiments and sizes of cards. A few of her cards stuck out - one with Zentangles which I think she did herself and a Santa/Chimney embossing folder of which I own and now I can case. Thanks so much Penny for all you do for SAS4KIDS. ~~ Anne

11.16.17  Miracles do happen!   I am almost out of cards and today I received two boxes in the mail.  Wonderfully cute cards came from Penny W. in my home state of Texas as well as Heather G. and her fellow card makers at the SCP Craft Guild in Fl.  Since I just heard from another hospital in my area that they indeed want our cards, these boxes came at the best time ever.  Thank you ladies for thinking of these kids in Houston and sending cards to help bring smiles to their hearts.  jb
11/16/2017-Received a wonderful package of 56 cards from repeat donor Penny Wierzbicki of TX! Penny sent a wonderful assortment of holiday and inspirational cards that are perfect for our older patients. Thank you, Penny, for all you do for SAS4Kids and all the smiles you've sent to Nationwide Children's these last few years.  :)   ~~ Sybrina

11.15.17  I have had so much fun these past few days, going through all the cards that have come my way.  As it brings such joy to me just to look at each one, I can only imagine how the kids must feel when they receive them.  Thank you to everyone who shares their time and talents with the kids.  I received cards from Angie S. of SD, Barbara R. of KS, and more great cards from repeat donor Connie M. of my home state Tex.  I could not spread all this cheer without the help of such generous card makers.  I also want to thank each of these ladies for the envelopes they include – it really helps.  Thank you one and all!  jb

11/13/17-Received a final box of cards from Barbara Roe, of CA.  Barbara will be spending time teaching card making :)  Thank you Barbara for the cards and best wishes for your next chapter in life! :)   Janet Kay
11/2/17  A big Thank You to Ashlie M. from Austin, TX for the donation and sending 13 handmade cards by her Pre-school class! The cards are so pretty and that was so sweet! Thank you to Odin, Luke, Micaya, Molli, Ireland and Emma for making such cute cards! I’m sure that the kids at the hospital will just love the cards! Great job! ~~Cyndi

11/6/17  Thank you to Elizabeth H. from SC who sent 35 cards for the kids! Her card are all so lovely and I can’t wait to take them to the hospital for the kids! They will love them! ~~Cyndi

11/6/17  A huge thank you to Brenda K. from TX for sending 68 fabulous cards for the kids! I think the kids are going to love the cards and will really appreciate them! ~~Cyndi

11/13/2017-Mailed a large box of cards to Nationwide Children's yesterday! While the box had lots of fall-themed and Thanksgiving cards, it also included some general sentiment and birthday cards. Thanks so much to all our amazing card makers who made this possible! ~~ Sybrina

11/09/17 - Claudia S. from sunny Florida, sent 27 cards, most were much needed birthday cards (kids). She also sent the cutest thank you cards for the kids to give to doctors and nurses. Thank you Claudia. ~~ Anne

11/09/17 - Received 6 much needed Birthday Cards (kids) from Angie Seyer of Aberdeen SD. Angie did not include an email address -- thank you so very much Angie. ~~ Anne

11-9-17-Yes, I received two more packages of cards today, one from Roberta Giefer of TX and one from Angie Seyer of SD :)  Thank you ladies for your Fall, Christmas and Boy cards! :)  Fall will be saved for next year, but the Christmas and boy cards will be going out soon! :)   Janet Kay

11-8-17-It's been a busy week for me!  On this day I received a box and an envelope with cards.  A box from Ruby Haugen of MN and an envelope from Michelle Stalder of NC!  Thank you ladies for your Fall and Winter cards! :)  Ruby is a long time sender, and today was Michelle's first time with me :)  Janet Kay

11/7/17-Received on 11/6- Six boxes and envelopes of cards!  I received cards from Jeannine Gork of GA, Kathy Jaken of IL, Holly Blaskie of MI, Lisa Simokatis of IL, Patricia Moyes of VA, Janelle Klapperich of SD and today a small box from Kayla Ford, of IL!! Thank you ladies for all of your great cards!  I love the Fall, Winter, Christmas and Misc. cards that will be finding their way into boxes to bring smiles to our kids at my 4 hospitals! :)   Janet Kay

11/07/2017-Came back from an extended vacation to find four packages waiting for me at our local post office! Huge thank yous to these wonderful card makers!!! All of your fall-themed and thank you cards will be immediately going into a box headed to Nationwide Children's. ~~ Sybrina
  • Arlene Armenta of IL sent 19 cards, including cute cards for younger and more sophisticated card. Her package also included much-needed thank yous.
  • Elaine Thomas of AZ sent a wonderful variety of 27 cards. In addition to fall-themed cards, Elaine included birthdays, thank yous, and general greeting cards.
  • Repeat donor Jane Lange of MN sent a box full of lovely fall-themed greeting cards. Jane's cards included 26 cards expressing Thanksgiving wishes and heartfelt thank yous.
  • Repeat donor Robin Hayworth of NY sent a generous cash donation and 50 terrific cards. Robin included cards without any sentiments.... which are the most commonly requested cards at Nationwide Children's.
11/07/17 - Patricia Moyes of Fredericksburg, VA sent in 15 lovely Winter/Holiday cards. Thanks so much Patty for your continued support! ~~ Anne

11/07/17 - Found a box of lovely cards in my newspaper box yesterday from a local card maker, Beverly Yurkanin of Levittown, PA, 34 Holiday/Christmas cards and 6 very adorable encouragement cards. Thanks Beverly for your loyalty. ~~ Anne

11/06/17 – Sent off a box of 135 cards to Children’s of Alabama. Sincere thanks to all who made this possible! Angie

11-6-17 A big thank you to Roberta G. from Arlington, Tex. for the wonderful cards she sent for my hospitals. Roberta's cards are always so creative and fun. I am pleased to say she is a friend of mine and we share tips and dies and stuff all the time.  Thank you, Roberta, for supporting me in so many ways. jb

11-2-17  I received a box of wonderful cards from Lenora S. Her cards are so cute and kid-friendly.  She certainly has been busy as I see she sent cards to other volunteers as well.  Thank you, Lenora, for sharing your talents with all of us.  The children are going to smile big time when they get your cards! Jb

11/2/17-I also received a package from Lenora Scott of MO.  Thank you Lenora for thinking of our kids:)  Janet Kay

11/02/17 - Thank you to Lenora Scot of Springfield MO who sent in 56 Fall, Winter, No Sentiment and assorted other cards. A nice variety and much needed. Thanks so much Lenora. ~~ Anne

11/1/17-Received a box of Winter cards from Trish Cudney of MN.  Thank you Trish for these great cards and letting me know where you bought the nice Winter paper! :)  
Janet Kay

10/30/17-Received 50 cards from Cassandra Young of FL.  Thank you Cass for the Winter and Christmas cards :)  Janet Kay

10/29/17 – Received a box of 50 sweet cards from repeat donor Robin Hayworth in NY. Included was an appreciated donation, a nice assortment of birthday, thank you and cards for general use. Thank you for thinking of the kids at Children’s of Alabama! Angie

10/28/17 - Received 50 assorted cards from Dr. Robin Hayworth from New York, NY. Thanks Dr. Robin and for your financial help as well. I so appreciate it. ~~ Anne

10/28/17 - Thank you so very much to Jennifer Kubo from Sacramento CA for her 31 assorted cards for the kids. Thanks so much Jennifer for hitting all occasions especially kid friendly birthdays and your loyalty to SAS4KIDS. ~~ Anne

10/27/17  A great big Thank You to April F. from Nevada! She sent in a box of 37 fantastic cards for the kids! Her Disney cards are wonderful! ~Cyndi

10/15/17  A super big Thank You to my friend, Laura M. from San Antonio as she gave me a box of at least 100 cards! As soon as I mentioned I was volunteering, she went to work to give me cards for the kids! She has a great big heart! ~Cyndi

10/13/17  A HUGE Thank you Monica P. from New Mexico who sent me 321 assorted cards!! Plus, she labeled them for me on the back! Thank you, Monica! All of your cards are awesome and I am so excited to share them with the kids!! ~Cyndi

10/13/17  I took a total of 215 cards to the Children’s Hospital! ~Cyndi

10/8/17  Thanks a bunch to Doris R. from Minnesota for sending a package of 42 Halloween and Christmas cards! They are all super adorable!! ~Cyndi

10/1/17  Thank you so much to the kids of Shannon O.’s class! Her students handmade 18 beautiful cards for the kids at the Christus Santa Rosa Hospital! All of these cards were made with so much love and it shows! They are so pretty! Thank you, kids! ~Cyndi

10/26/17-Received from Sandy Borsheim of MN, 57 cards for Christmas, Winter, and teen boys.  Thank you Sandy for your variety of cards, also your donation for shipping! :)   Janet Kay

10/25/17-Received from Ruby Hagen of MN, 15 cards :)  Thank you Ruby, wonderful images and coloring! :)   Janet Kay

10/24/17-Received a box of cards from Katherine Torres of IL.  Thank you Katherine for the misc. cards for our kids :)  Janet Kay

10/23/17-Received three envelopes of cards with a total of 30 from Jeannine Gork of GA.  Thank you Jeannine for the wonderful Christmas cards! :)  Jeannine adds small images to the inside of her cards as well as envelopes and card backs, great attention to detail! :)    Janet Kay

10/23/17 - Beverly Yurkanin of Levittown PA left 41 delightful cards in my newspaper slot today. Beverly is one of many loyal card makers who never ceases to amaze me of her wonderful, professional designs for the kids. Thanks Beverly for helping me complete my Thanksgiving boxes and starting my Christmas shipments. ~~ Anne

10/21/17 - Received 12 cute Christmas cards with a snow bear waving hello, from Arlene Rose of Hilton NY. Thanks Arlene for motivating me to make Christmas cards and for your continued support. ~~ Anne

10/21/17 - Received 24 much needed kids Birthday Cards from Stephanie Nguyen of Lake Forest CA. Each one of the cards is different which helps because they can go right into the box for shipment. Stephanie is wonderful in checking our blog to find out what is needed and makes those cards. Thanks Stephanie for your continued support of SAS4KIDS. ~~ Anne

10/20/17-Received a great box of cards from Lee Mae Elkins of WA :)  Thank you Lee Mae, I especially like the new "boy" designs! :)  The kids and I have all been sick this last week so I have been trying not to touch any cards :(  I'm hoping we're all well really soon! :)    Janet Kay

10-19-17- We are sorry to share that this page and all its history of wonderful gifts of cards disappeared today. We are so very grateful for all the cards we have received through out the years and will start over expressing our gratitude here. Many of the cards we have received have been acknowledged on our Facebook page here:

10.19.17  Received an adorable package in the mail today - all covered in hearts.  Thank you Stephanie N from CA.  Your cards are so cute.  I appreciate the assortment as well as the envelopes.  You are so sweet to help support the kids in Houston.  ❤jb

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