Current Needs of Volunteers

7/15/21 - Jen Reece, MA/CT/PA
Thank you for all your generous card donations! I currently have enough of every theme until the fall. I will update my needs at the end of the summer. Thank you all so much for keeping me well-stocked!  Jen  

4/15/21 - Angie Seyer, SD
I am in need of Mother's and Father's Day cards for my hospitals. I can always use thank you and just general cards as well.  Thank you.  Stay Strong!, Angie - SD

3/9/2021 Kris Adams, OH
My hospitals are accepting cards again and I do need thinking of you, thank you and general cheer and spring/summer cards. Thanks so much for all your cards!  Kris

2/28/21  - Dena Hughes, WA
One of my hospitals still ON HOLD, the other does not take birthday cards, but does ask for general cheer, Thank You and Sympathy cards.  I would be happy to accept a few of those. Thank you all so much for your crafty generosity!

2/18/21-Janet Kay Bailey, IL&IN
I am currently working with only a few selected donors as I don't need as many cards as I used to.  If you are on my mailing list, I am referring to you.  Thank you for your cards and support.
Janet Kay, IL&IN

Please check back here every so often for updates and current needs from our volunteers and thank you for all you have done for SAS4Kids in the past! Stay safe and healthy! 

If your favorite volunteer to send cards to is temporarily not accepting cards, there are several of our volunteers who do need your cards. And here are other suggestions as to what you can do with your handmade cards: Many nursing homes are accepting and extremely grateful for handmade cards- signed with a message- for their seniors who are so isolated right now. Check with your local nursing homes or go on line to the Facebook group "Because Kindness" where requests such as this are posted for cards to help spread some cheer. Veteran's Hospitals also use cards – both signed and blank. Check with your local VA to find out their needs. You can also check out this call for cards: 



  1. you given names of people to whom cards can be sent but no addresses.
    do we need to send envelopes as well?

  2. You just need to check the correct page- in this case, the Contact page gives all the addresses. Yes, please send envelopes with your cards.

  3. Hello : Do the requirements from 7-Nov, 9-Nov, 20-Nov still hold good? Can we still make these cards and send to them?

    1. Yes you can. The current needs page is updated every month or two, except for the volunteers who are "on hold" due to Covid-19. When their hospitals begin accepting cards, their needs will be updated as well. Thank you!