Current Needs of Volunteers

06/4/19 - Jen Reece, MA/CT 
Father's Day box has been shipped and I have depleted most of my stash of all themes except "dream/wish/live life" cards. So, general (hello, thinking of you, sports-girls and boys, super hero & comics), no sentiment, birthday (all ages), You're Great, and Thank You cards (for adults) would be appreciated! Thank you all for your continued support!

6.8.19  Jill Blasche, Texas
First of all, thank you so much for all the wonderful cards that come my way.  You ladies rock!  My current needs are - A2 sized only, please:
     "Blank" cards - cards that do not have any sayings on them, not on the outside nor on the inside.     They do have fun images on them - colorful - kid friendly or adult.  (The hospitals give cards up to      age 21)    
     Birthday - kid and adult  
     Words of Encouragement - all ages  (the hospitals offer these cards up to age 21)
     General - i.e. "Hello"  "Thinking of You"  "Hi" 
No back labels are necessary as I have a stamp I can use for putting the logo on.  Please do not stamp sayings/sentiments on the inside of the cards.
Thank you for your continued support. Hugs.
Jill Blasche - Houston, Texas

5/20/2019 - Beverly Bethune, IA
I could still use a few Father's Day cards. I'm good on everything else.

05/15/19 - Anne Slattery, PA 
Thank you so much for all the Father's Day cards I am all set. I am still in desperate need of Birthday and No Sentiment (all occasion) kid friendly cards.

5/2/19 - Angie Seyer, SD
I am in need of Thank You and adult birthday (hospitals offer cards up to age 21).  Also boys and girls birthday.  I just sent out 3 boxes of cards so I depleted my stash!!  I do not need any general cards as I have plenty of those.  Thank you.

4/11/19-Janet Kay Bailey, IL&IN
Thank you ladies for your continued support!  I will be stepping back from receiving cards for a while.  My husband is ill and I need to take care of him.  Please send your cards to another volunteer until, I'm back in "business".  You might want to check with other volunteers so they aren't swamped with cards.  Thank you for your wonderful cards, I'm sure they will be enjoyed by other hospitals! :)
Janet Kay, IL&IN

12/6/18  Cyndi Amaya in Texas
Thank you to all of the kind and generous donors who have sent me cards for the kids. I am now going to stop receiving cards for the next few months. Please do not send me any cards. I am in the process of selling my home and moving cities and I have plenty of cards in reserves so the hospital will still be getting cards. I just sent a ton of Holiday cards and will be taking more cards in January. Thank you for understanding! I'll let you know when I'm ready to receive more cards.

 11/29/18  Cathy Cusson, Tennessee

Cathy will be taking a break, please don't send her any cards until further notice :)

11/29/18 - Cyndi Amaya in Texas

Cyndi will be moving, please don't send any cards to her until further notice :) 


  1. you given names of people to whom cards can be sent but no addresses.
    do we need to send envelopes as well?

  2. You just need to check the correct page- in this case, the Contact page gives all the addresses. Yes, please send envelopes with your cards.

  3. Hello : Do the requirements from 7-Nov, 9-Nov, 20-Nov still hold good? Can we still make these cards and send to them?


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