Current Needs of Volunteers

9/20/18 - Dena Hughes, Washington
Due to some very generous donors, I have added another hospital! Our cards will be at Seattle Children's Hospital next week.  Mary Bridge is all set for everything, including Halloween. So on to Christmas/Winter cards. Those would be most welcome - blank inside, gender neutral, or at least don't forget the boys. Very grateful for all the help, Dena

9/18/18 - Angie Seyer, South Dakota
I have received enough Halloween and fall cards.  Thank you to everyone!  I am in need of Christmas/winter cards.  Smiles, Angie S.

9.18.18 Beverly Bethune, Iowa
I have plenty of cards for other seasons of the year but really need fall cards. Blank inside works best. Thank you in advance!

9.10.18  Jill Blasche, Texas
First of all, thank you so much for all the wonderful cards that come my way.  You ladies rock!
I could use cards that do not have any sayings on them, not on the outside nor on the inside.  I refer to these as blank cards.  Just fun images - colorful - kid friendly.  A2 size.
And birthday - kids, all ages.  No glitter.
Thank you. Hugs.
Jill Blasche - Houston, Texas

9/10/18 Janet Kay Bailey, Illinois & Indiana
If you have Halloween done or in the process, please send them now, I'm almost at the point of not needing anymore! :)  Thank you for your efforts! :)  I could still use some Thanksgiving. Winter and Christmas cards can come without sentiments if you're stuck on what to add. My biggest hospital has asked for less than half to say "Merry Christmas", makes me sad :(  I would appreciate Halloween cards the last week of Sept. Thanksgiving, by the last week of Oct. Christmas by the last week of November.  Cards can be mixed in the boxes, you don't have to send just one theme.  I love getting cards early! :)  You can add sentiments to the insides of Halloween and Christmas cards, for my hospitals only, but it's not necessary! Please try to stay away from "Trick or Treat", and use Happy Halloween instead :)  Thank you for making our kids have smiling faces, and your donations for shipping! :)
Janet Kay, IL & IN

8/20/18 Jen Reece, Massachusetts
I am also in need of Fall, fun Halloween, Thanksgiving, and (eventually) Winter cards. I am checking with my hospital to see how they would like to handle Christmas. Thank you all! Jen, MA

8/19/18  Cyndi Amaya, Texas
I am in need of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cards. My Halloween deadline is October 1. My Thanksgiving deadline is November 1. My Christmas deadline is December 1. Thank you in advance! Cyndi, TX

08/18/18 Beverly Bethune, Iowa
Like most others I could use some fall, Thanksgiving, and non-scary Halloween cards. I have one small hospital so I suggest no more than five duplicate designs.  Please remember not to refer to Trick or Treating on the Halloween cards. Thanks in advance. - Beverly, IA

08/17/18  Anne Slattery, Pennsylvania
I am in need of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cards. I ship cards to four hospitals, three of which are large hospitals. Glitter free kid friendly cards and quality over quantity are best. Thanks for all you do. Deadlines:
Halloween must be in my mailbox by October 10th
Thanksgiving must be in my mailbox by November 5th
Christmas must be in my mailbox by December 3rd
Be Blessed.
Anne Slattery - Bristol, PA

8/16/18  Cathy Cusson, Tennessee
I am ready for Christmas / winter holiday cards!  Also some Thanksgiving cards would be nice.  I also could use some blank envelopes.  Some of my cards do not have envelopes.  Remember no glitter!  Thank you!!

8/16/18 Angie Seyer, South Dakota
Thank you to everyone who sends cards.  Right now I need Halloween (not scary), Thanksgiving and Christmas cards.  I can always use encouragement cards.  I could also use some adult male birthday cards for kids to give out.  Please NO GLITTER!  Thank you.  Smiles, Angie

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